We – informal group Youth Line Netherlands –  have just implemented an amazing youth exchange “Let’s Show Equality – Social Filming” which took place in lovely little city Ommen, The Netherlands  from 4 till 11 of December  2017. We had 36 participants representing 6 countries: The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Italy.
The project theme was devoted to recording short videos by participants on the topic of how they perceive the social exclusion, poverty, homelessness, disability, membership of an ethnic minority, lack of adequate literacy skills, unemployment, family circumstances, addiction problems and similar issues connected to social exclusion, and raising the awareness of general public, government officials and European officials about the existing problem and provoking a solution not only from the officials but from each individual who would see a movie or hear about the problem from a friend. Youth exchange served young people with an ability to make their voice heard and to express their view upon fighting against poverty and social exclusion .
Our Lithuanian participant Brigita Draksaite shared her experience and impression about the activity:

” The project included a lot of activities. First day was a meeting day during which we had an opportunity to meet each other and tried some team-building games and tasks which helped to realise what kind of skills do people have and what we can expect from them afterwards.

We had workshops of social inclusion when we shared our own opinions and experiences in this field of issue.

Most valuable workshops was related with our main topic – social filming. We are very happy that during this projects participants from Czech Republic shared their experience of video making as professionals, we learned a lot from them.

Learning to learn was mine main competence I wanted to improve during the project and I learned a lot. I managed to work with my team and to create a perfect topic to movie, to develop ideas how it should look like, to imagine and draw the scenes which we would make in Amsterdam, to discuss a lot about social problems in our home, to shoot them and also have a lot of fun doing that.  I learned how to lead the group of people as it was my first experience as group leader. I noticed that during this project there was perfect communication between group leaders and organisers as we were doing reflections every evening and sharing jobs and responsibilities.

The hardest  part of making movie was editing video as we haven’t had any experience before but with a lot of help from others and hard working we managed to do it quite well.

Feeling of different cultures was essential for all of us. Being and working with people from different Eu countries helped to realise how different and perfect we are. Exploring Netherlands and seeing what a freedom they have gave an inspiration to try to make our own public more tolerante and openminded.

Every project the youngster participate in helps to develop new ideas, to achieve new experiences, to improve a lot of personal and technical skills. Don’t be afraid to meet other nationalities to feel their lifestyle and to change yourself and your pears after
YE “Let’s Show Equality – Social Filming” was realised with support of Erasmus Plus Program (http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/about_en) and Dutch National Agency (http://www.erasmusplus.nl/). Separate thanks to Olde Vechte Foundation ( https://oldevechte.com/) for hosting us and taking the best care possible.
We are happy to share also 6 unique videos created during this project! Watch them. Think them. Share them!